Daily horoscope for march 29 birthdays

Daily horoscope

Very faithful to their friends, willing to give them favors. However, they can be very dangerous as an enemy — one that attacks the opponent without hesitation.

Most of all, the value freedom and independence. They are constantly busy with their own activities — they gladly talk about their matters and show significant egoism. They are so haughty they only feel respect for themselves.

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They have a lot of good taste and sound judgment — they enjoy forming projects and plans, but they are not interested in the details and implementing them, as they want to describe everything in wide and essentiallines. They are not always nice as a correspondent, for the style of their letters is short, dogmatic, reminiscent of military orders.

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Their great self-confidence and audacity let them achieve good results most of the time. Things get worse when they have to serve somebody else. Then, they become arrogant and stubborn, and very restless in case of being limited in anything. Honest and generous in financial matters.

Daily Horoscope for Thursday, March 29

Practical and quick to learn in business. They dislike those of higher standing than them, both morally or mentally. As for their beliefs and views — they can show significant decisiveness and stubbornness. A woman born on this day is impatient.

She dislikes long sewing, detailed handiwork or finishing. Initially, she takes a good look at the matter as a whole, and then form the project and…wait for someone else to do the job for her. She can ruin her best abilities and talents through jealousy — and the man — through anger and haste.

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If you let emotional matters interfere, you will find it difficult to get back on track. Put your energy where it counts most, and refrain from showing weakness or sharing personal information.

Spend time with people who share your quest and are willing to pitch in and help. Romance is featured, and personal improvements can be made. Someone will exaggerate in order to grab your attention and perhaps your hard-earned cash or personal information.

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Be careful what you say and how you handle situations that can affect your reputation. If you take too much time procrastinating, you will miss out on something phenomenal. Personal change will lead to less stress and greater happiness. LEO July Aug. Know your boundaries and pursue your goals.

Learn from those with more experience to discover the best way to handle adversity. If change is required, make it happen. Your uniqueness will lead to success. Trust your instincts, not what others tell you.

Focus on home, family and personal improvements. Avoid indulgent people.