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Now, imagine the plight of the one born with these polar traits within! Personality Traits of a Cancer-Leo Cusp. While the cusp dates for this combination vary from source to source, generally, those born between July 19 to 23 are considered as Cancer-Leo cuspians.

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Being a water sign, Cancer is considered to be quite sensitive and docile, where, as a matter of fact, the little crab can survive and manipulate even the king of the jungle with its unnoticeable movements. Likewise, Leo is considered as a powerful and dominant sign, which it very much is; however, not many pay attention to the fact that this lion can move from roaring to purring, if treated in the right manner.

These unnoticed facets to these two zodiacs makes a Cancer-Leo cusp prone to acquire quite an interesting set of traits. This person can be many things at once, or should we say, this person can experience many emotions in brief spans of time.

From traditional to unscrupulous, generous to self-centered, from being a leader to being dependent, this person will make you see the many sides of human emotions at once. Let us understand about these cuspians in a tad bit closer way, by going through the positive and negatives sides of their nature. The Positive Traits. An Explanation. Cancer-Leo possess many extraordinary qualities, one of them being the ability to recall even the minutest of details.

This person has the memory of an elephant, remembering all things as they were at the first place. This person is born for the stage and drama, and is very well capable of stealing the spotlight from anyone. This cusp is highly sociable.

In fact, it is next to impossible for this person to lead life secluded from the social network. This cusp is highly empathetic and does well in catering to the needs of those in troubles of any kind. Romance, love, devotion, family, and loyalty form an integral aspect of a Cancer-Leo personality. Cancer is ruled by moon, associated with intuition, thinking, and emotions. On the other hand, Leo is ruled by sun, associated with enthusiasm and the energy of life.

This combo comes to a great advantage for this cusp, as the intuitive aspect of the moon and the energy of the sun can make this person the prime contributor in any endeavor. This cuspian is an extremely loyal friend and foe.

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Focusing on the positives, this person is not the kind to leave someone in the middle of nowhere. Being influenced by the moon, this cuspian tends to be quite a deep thinker, and also has the audacity to express those thoughts out loud.

And mind you, not just an ordinary magnet, but the one that exhibits grace, cheerfulness, and a sense of optimism all around. This cusp tends to have a balanced outlook in life, as compared to the two signs it contains. While Leo can be quite unrealistic, and Cancer can be quite dreamy, a Cancer-Leo is quite practical and realistic, comparatively.

The Negative Traits. Individually speaking, both Cancer and Leo wish to acquire the finest things in life, although with absolutely different motives. While Leo wants all the materialistic pleasures and luxuries to feel more proud and powerful, Cancer wants all of it only for security purposes. Nonetheless, this aspect can make this cusp quite materialistic at times.

Positive and Negative Traits of the Cancer-Leo Cusp of Oscillation

The presence of the opposite elements being mentioned earlier, makes this cusp quite volatile. This unpredictability crops up from the need to address the desires of both the crab and the lion. Not that it's always bad, but this fickleness sort of prevents this cusp to be able to become an ideal leader. Both Cancerians and Leos seek a loving and totally committed relationship, and are highly oriented towards family and love.

This is definitely a good thing.

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This cusp is also very intolerant and sensitive towards criticism. Having the proud and 'I-know-it-all attitude', it becomes very difficult for this individual to take any kind of negative feedback constructively. The consequence? Brace yourself for some bitter and insensitive words that come your way for your felony! The shyness and hesitation of the Cancer is easily taken over by the witty, ambitious, and proud Leo. Leo is the king of the jungle.

Not only can it provide for the ones it loves, but also cater to its own requirements without thinking of others. Yes, what we're trying to say is that this cusp can be quite self-centered when it wants to be. Letting go is not the trait that all men and women possess, and these definitely include those belonging to these two signs, and their cusps! If you have messed with this cuspian, be assured that your crime would never be forgotten, nor forgiven.

Vulnerability, the most important aspect of intimacy, is something that the Leo-Virgo struggles with. Not so much with the vulnerability of others, but within themselves. It's hard to be vulnerable when you hold so many secrets, when silence is your go-to emotional mode. And it's hard to explain that instinct to others when half the time you are loud, direct, and communicative.

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So, if you are a Leo - Virgo cusp, consider that push and pull next time you are faced with a confused loved one. Sometimes, your desire to keep things to yourself makes those around you feel alone, and that's not what you want. See if you can find the words to say what you are feeling — even if those words are "I don't know.

And, if you know a Leo-Virgo cusp, give them time.