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Quick to identify solutions to problems, these people often pursue their goals with zest and enthusiasm, sometimes with fanatical zeal. They must understand that life is too complex to be seen in terms of right or wrong or quick-fix solutions.

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They need to learn to accept that there will always be viewpoints differing from their own and that there are many paths—not one—to the greater good. Around the age of forty-three there is a significant turning point which helps them fine-tune their relationship skills and become more open minded.

People born on this day like nothing better than to help others; one thing they will not accommodate, however, is authority. They have little patience for enforced conformity and if forced into a corner they may resort to subversive or disruptive behavior. As well as a rebellious streak they also have great determination; once they can find an outlet for their self-expression and fully commit to it, these modern-day prophets really can make the world a better and fairer place. The high expectations that people born on February 7 Zodiac have can be quite daunting for potential partners.

They are more than likely to live up to them themselves but if others are unable to do the same they can become bitter.

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It is important for them to allow their partner to have their own ideals rather than imposing theirs on them, and to be clear about what is real and what is fantasy. Mind-body therapies such as yoga, tai chi and physical therapies such as massage or even thumping a punch bag should help them unwind when the going gets tough. If stress is a constant part of their life they might want to try burning a chamomile-, lavender-,or sandalwood-scented candle.

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These, like wearing, meditating on and surrounding themselves with the colors blue or green, produce a calming effect. These people have the ability to present their thoughts in a compelling way and can make excellent writers or storytellers as well as actors, journalists, politicians, teachers, and lecturers.

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It is best for them to avoid routine office work, and careers that offer plenty of variety, travel and challenge will appeal. Good luck to parents who try to teach their little Sea-Goat that even though people naturally follow their lead there is a fine line between manipulation and leadership. Read more about the personality, traits and characteristics of the Capricorn Child. Good luck to parents who try to teach their little Water Bearer there is a difference in having your own ideas and staging an out and out rebellion.

Read more about the personality, traits and characteristics of the Aquarius Child. Pisces Children, though extremely sensitive, will stand firm even in the face of very frightening situations. Read more about the personality, traits and characteristics of the Pisces Child. If the world had a nickel for every time a parent uttered, muttered or screamed this lament everyone would be millionaires!

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Parenting would be so much easier if there were a magical handbook that answered all our questions about our children, especially when they first arrive. What is her personality going to be like?

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What will he be when he grows up? How to I inspire and motivate my child? Light Workers also counsel that like a puzzle, use Astrology as but one part of a greater parenting plan. Nothing can replace your inner voice and higher self in the nurturing process. It is true that Astrology is a kind of divination system. As such it has its limits. An individual, even at young ages, is always the master of his or her fate. For example, a child with Mars in the first house is very sturdy.

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Many grow up involved in sports and even seek out careers. Mercury regulates communication and ideas, and Jupiter oversees general ethics. This is very interesting Article and it is very beneficial for me. I have read about my sign and compile good point and work on that.

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