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Luxurious family apartment in Venice on the Grand Canal

Everyone was extremely kind and accommodating and the apartments were very elegant and tasteful. The possibility to access the Cipriani pool facility made it an even more pleasant stay, one we wish to repeat the next time we come to Venice. Find your Italian villa. Browse our Italian villas New search Back to your search results. Palazzo Ca'nova lies at the mouth of the Canale Grande. To the left the tip of Punta della Dogana.

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Enquire Here. Read more about Palazzo Ca'nova. Istituted in by the Government of the Serenissima Repubblica, the Ghetto of Venise is one of the oldest of the world — 2,3km, 30 minutes walk The Excelsior Beach Club, one of the most exclusive beach resort of the world. This resort, located on the Lido, can be easily reached in 15 minutes via water taxi or 20 minutes by vaporetto, 5,5km.


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Cooking workshop Sicilian Cuisine 23 January - La Cucina del Sole

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